United Pool Tables – Our Story

United King of Pool was established more than 30 years ago. It started out as a family business and since then it has evolved into a commercial, top quality corporation.

What We Do

We are experts in the pool industry and also design, manufacture, and supply unique products. United King of Pool is best known for our “United” Pool Table brand, which is the leading brand of pool tables in Africa. Not only are we industry leaders, but we are also the brand of choice. In addition to this, United is the exclusive provider of customised tables and world-leading brands throughout Africa. We own several patents in these markets.

“United – King of Pool Tables” is a registered trademark. Through this trademark we have been able to bring large sponsorships to the game of pool. As a result, pool has become one of the fastest growing sport disciplines in Africa. The management team is made up of industry leaders who have always had a passion for the game of pool. It is this very passion that flows down to the rest of the staff members. Our staff consists of reliable and professional experts who aim to develop personal relationships with each and every customer.

Our Brand

The United brand has become the preferred table in the pool fraternity. It is also used for all recognised championships. Our tables have been used for several international tournaments in Africa in the past 8 years. United’s products are used in pool halls, entertainment venues, pubs, taverns, clubs, and home entertainment areas around Africa. We also supply Air Hockey Tables, Dining Pool Tables, Pool Table Accessories, soccer tables and Table Tennis Tables.

We believe in development and growth. This is why we are constantly trying to enhance and better our products. United has committed itself to delivering high quality products, especially when it comes to the playing experience, usage, and maintenance. United is committed to the game of pool and we are constantly striving to develop the game and bring it straight to you.

United Showroom