Aramith – Ball Restorer

Aramith Ball Restorer

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When the ball is hit in a certain way creating the term “spin” or “English”, it is partially transferred to the object ball.  One of them is the friction coefficient. This friction coefficient depends on the cleanliness of the billiard balls.

To increase your pleasure to play, clean the billiard balls regularly with the proper agent this will help to reduce cloth wear.

To ensure optimal usage, follow the Directions of usage below:

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Apply the cleaner to the ball.
  3. Apply enough pressure to the surface of the ball.
  4. For optimal shine use the Aramith Micro Fibre Cloth. (

Recommended after each game

  • Remove the very hardy spots with the Aramith Ball Restorer
  • Finish the cleaning and polish with the Aramith Ball Cleaner


Directions for use

  1. Apply a drop of Aramith Restorer upon the ball.
  2. Rub well (with an Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth).
  3. Apply a drop of Aramith Cleaner upon the ball.
  4. Rub again (with the Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth).
  5. Make the ball shine with a piece of dry cloth or paper or with an electrical buffer.