Pool Table Cloth

We supply a wide range of pool table cloth in a variety of colours and types. We sell cloth in pre-cut sizes, packs of pre-cut sizes, as well as per metre and by rolls.

Nap Cloth

This is a directional billiards cloth that is used on Snooker tables among other disciplines. Nap is easily distinguishable by running one’s hand on it. If the hand is gently run along the grain and the feel is smooth then that direction is “with the nap”. In comparison running one’s hand in the opposite direction will feel slightly rougher which is “against the nap”.

Wool Cloth

This is a thicker blend made from varying percentages of wool. It is often used in establishments that have lots of play because it is cheaper than nap or speed.

Speed Cloth

Speed or “worsted” cloth is more expensive than wool but lasts longer. It is smooth and non fuzzy. Balls roll much faster on it and behave differently in terms of deflection and spin.

United Pool Tables provides the all of the above types in a wide range of colours and prices to suit every taste, every requirement and every pocket. Some of the brands that we provide are Gorina, Simonis, SP, Strachan and our very own United branded cloth.

Pool Table Cloth

Pool Table Cloth

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