Pool Table Canopies

We supply sturdy and high quality pool table canopies. The canopies are essential in providing the optimum amount of light for your pool table. This will ensure that you have the best playing conditions and playing experience. In addition the low hanging lighting creates a comfortable ambience. Our cones and rods can be easily detached from each other, and are made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Pool Table Canopy Rods

We stock canopy rods separately. They come in a highly polished chrome finish. Our rods also come complete with the chains and electric cable. There are four canopy varieties.

2 dome – This is the shortest rod available and the most popular. It is used for a standard sized pool table.
3 dome – This is a medium sized rod that is used for larger size tables like a 7 ball table.
4 dome – This is a slightly longer medium sized rod that is used for 3/4 size and 9 ball tables.
6 dome – this is the longest rod size available and used for full size snooker tables

Pool Table Canopy Cones

Our canopy cones are sold separately. The cones we stock are durable and lightweight. They are designed to provide optimum light on the pool table while protecting the player’s eyes from the glare. We stock three finished of canopy cones; Dark Green, Black and Polished Chrome.

Additional Information

There is a standard requirement for the height of the canopy from the bed of the pool table. This height is usually between 80 and 90 centimetres.

Pool Table Canopies

Pool Table Canopies