Pool Cues

We sell the widest variety of pool cues in South Africa with over 3000 to choose from. Our cue range includes 1 piece, 2 piece, 3/4, 9ball, Snooker and our very United branded range. Like all our products not only is there a wide choice of designs, makes, finishes and colours, but also a wide range of prices starting from as little as R60.

We also have cues in a variety of lengths and some unique ones such as our short cues for children. These are also very useful if you have a smaller room where you require a short cue to play a shot that is close to the wall.

Come through to our showroom which has a dedicated display section. Here you are sure to find the cues you’re looking for be it a playing, breaking, jump cue etc. Some of the brands that we stock include Riley, Cosmic, Predator, Prima and many more. Like mentioned above almost all of these come in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3/4. We also sell a wide variety of cue cases at our showroom that compliments any of our cues.


To add to the quality and personalisation of your cue we also stock a wide variety of related accessories. From a range of moderately to high prices tips to ferrules in various sizes, sanders, grips and shaft slickers we have everything you need to keep your playing equipment in the best shape possible. In addition to some of the accessories mentioned above we also stock a variety of extensions like butt and telescopic extension.

Pool Cue Repairs

United Pool Tables offers the service of repairs and modifications to cues from a simple tip replacement to replacements of ferrules, shafts and even thinning down and adding weight to cues.

We also supply Air Hockey Tables, Dining Pool Tables, Pool Table Accessories, soccer tables and Table Tennis Tables.

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Pool Cues

Pool Cues