Non-Coin Operated Pool Tables

United brand pool tables are the heart of United Pool Tables. This also includes the United brand non-coin operated pool tables as our main selection of products. With several patents under our belt we ensure that our tables are of the highest quality. True to our effort and statement United brand pool tables are the best pool tables in the pool industry. Not only an industry favourite but also the recommended table of all National Championships.

Our pool tables are made of the highest quality materials. From high density wood to the finest imported slate our pool tables are the hallmark of durability and longevity. The inside of our pool tables although mostly unseen is another ares where a lot of attention is focused. Equally high quality materials are used to make the rails and trays to ensure uninterrupted function, game after game.

For over 30 years United Pool Tables has systematically strived to achieve the best pool table products in the country. And we are proud to say that we have achieved that goal on all parameters. Our tables offer the highest quality, an impeccable playing experience, and a guarantee that you have purchased the best pool table for your money.

Non-coin Operated Pool Tables

United non coin operated pool tables are characterised by several different styles. The first is the pub style table that has two outlets; namely the object and white ball outlet, and triangle holder. The second is a slimmer Prestige table range. The Prestige range boasts the exact same frame and slate top but a lighter design perfect for home. These tables come in a variety of wood finishes, namely: black, royal mahogany, cherry. In addition to that we have the highly sought after Big Five table.

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Non-coin operated pool tables

Non-coin operated pool tables