9Ball Tables

We have a wide variety of pool tables available in store including 9Ball Tables. You can choose your coin operation denomination, wood colour and your cloth colour to match your home or pool club decor. A coin operated pool table can also be set on free play, making it very convenient when you are using it at home or if you are running a promotion in your pool club and do not wish to charge for games played.

We also offer non-coin operated pool tables, dining room pool tables, snooker tables, 9Ball tables and Chinese 8Ball Tables. All our tables are of the highest standard meeting tournament standard requirements. Manufactured with slate playing surfaces, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing the best!

We also sell all kinds of accessories for your pool table and many other games room activities. Visit our showroom or call us on +27 11 908 2400

We look forward to meeting your needs!

9Ball tables - United Pool Tables

9Ball tables – United Pool Tables