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The United Group Billiard Corporation had been established more than 30 years ago. It began as a small family business and has since evolved into a commercial corporation, producing top quality, high standard products. We design, manufacture and supply unique products. The United Group is best known for its “United” Pool Table brand. United is the leading brand of pool tables in Africa. Not only are we industry leaders, we are also the brand of choice which earned us the slogan “The Players Choice”. In addition to this, United is the exclusive provider of customised pool tables and the distributor of world-leading brands throughout Africa. We hold the rights to several patents in these markets.

“United – King of Pool Tables” is a registered trademark. Through this trademark we have been able to bring large sponsorship's to the sport of pool. As a result, pool has grown to become one of the fastest growing cue sport disciplines in Africa. The management team at United consists of leaders in the industry, who have always had a passion for the sport of pool. It is this very passion that flows down to the rest of the staff members and drives the United Team forward. Our staff consists of reliable and professional people, who aim to develop personal relationships with each and with every customer.

Pool Tables we offer

A variety of coin operated pool tables, non-coin operated pool table, dining pool tables, snooker tables, Chinese 8-Ball tables, soccer tables, tennis tables, Air Hockey Table and much more.

We also sell all sorts of billiard equipment, spares and accessories. Visit our showroom to select your table colour, cloth colour and many more man cave paraphernalia?to match your home or pool club decor. We look forward to meeting all your billiard requirements! Contact us on +27 11 908 2400


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